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Monday, November 1st 2010, 2:58am

How to make *guitar-like pad* from *blood is pumpin* (voodoo and serano)

p.s.i'm french canadian so i'm not good in :D

Hi !
All is said in the subject! I tried many times by myself to recreate *the guitar pad* ,i also try to modify the patch named *adagio ms* from virus ti bank but there is always a différence in my patch.
Is it made from square wave with distortion?With how many osc and voices? Detune? Maybe it's only a wave sample from real guitar??? ?(

Link to music:
The sound start at the beginning.

Anybody have an idea? Thanks! Alex



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Monday, November 1st 2010, 3:38am

It's a distorted 303 like sound. Great tune. The difference is that it has more low end in it as compared to a 303. I'll tinker around with it and try to make that patch for ya.


Monday, November 1st 2010, 12:54pm

Im also waiting for your patch :)


Monday, November 1st 2010, 5:35pm

Thanks Ionis! 8) As i see the TB-303 is often a reference for many sounds ! (each day we learn something new ....:) )

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