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Friday, December 24th 2010, 4:35am

Sad news - The Kemo Kid has passed away.

I only came to know this now. Forum member and fellow infected SpencerSteel has lost his battle to cancer on 5th December.
I don't know what to say, he was both a very nice guy and a very skillful producer. This saddens me quite a lot.


Friday, December 24th 2010, 1:30pm

I never did know this individual, or anything about him, but it is always sad to hear of such things happening to those around us. At this time of year it must be especially painful for those around him. I too feel badly and I wish the best for all his family and friends during this very rough period of time in their lives.


Friday, December 24th 2010, 11:37pm

it should be hard for his family
i wish in these holy days which all unhealthy people bring back their healthiest
i'm so sorry about his family as well and wish them the best...
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