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Tuesday, May 31st 2011, 12:38pm

Fruity Loops doesn't see my Virus TI anymore


Yesterday i bought my Virus TI Desktop, so i connected it to my laptop right away and it worked fine. Now, one day later, it doesn't
work anymore at all. My Fruity Loops program only tells me that my Virus is not connected and that i should connect it in order to
open the plug-in, but it IS connected.

I am using a MacBook Pro which is running Windows 7. I already turned all my MIDI devices to active in the MIDI-options display.

I just cant get it working so some help would really be apreciated!




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Monday, June 13th 2011, 1:25pm

Two questions:

- Are you using the same USB socket as before?
- Can Virus Control Centre (you can find it in the start menu) find your virus?