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Sunday, November 13th 2011, 5:18am

Putting an end to this crucible

The bottom line appears to be Reaper's inability to render/bounce to audio files using the Virus' hardware/software. Tried it's "Render" function and all I got was something like the sound of aliens landing (not the intended sounds). I'm throwing in the towel and just going with Cubase. I was considering SONAR but it really looks like it's tailored to rap and similar forms of primal noise, and the interface looks like a busy collage of unnecessary eye candy.

Thanks to all for your help and patience.


Sunday, November 13th 2011, 7:51am

On which track are you trying to record? I'd select one of the 3 Virus outputs, and set it to record its own output rather than an audio input: http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=85270
Anyway, what I would do, is to solo what I want, render it, then import it back as you did - did remember to do an online rendering rather than offline?.


Sunday, November 13th 2011, 8:47pm

flabberbob's suggestion regarding Online Rendering is likely the key to your problem; I had the same issue (took me forever to figure that one out). When I did offline rendering, I ended up with extremely quiet tracks and when I boosted the volume, it sounded, as you said, like aliens. Switched it to Online Rendering, and everything was great.

What I do, is create a new project, add the Virus as a virtual instrument.
After adding it, rightclick in the section of the Fx window left of the Virus Control, and select Build 16 channels of MIDI.
Then, I add some MIDI to the track labeled Virus TI MIDI 1; I Insert a midi track there, then right click on it and use the built in midi editor.
After that, I make sure I'm at the start of the track and hit play. There should be sound at that point.
If there is sound, rendering should work. So I select the render option, and in that menu, like flabberbob said, make sure it uses Online Rendering instead of using Offline Rendering or Full Speed Rendering or anything like that.


Sunday, November 20th 2011, 4:08pm

Okay, you might be in some luck, if you haven't jumped ship from Reaper yet. :D Lucky for you, I switched to Reaper a week back, coming from Logic + Ableton!

So first things first, with the Virus plugin inserted on a track as a new virtual instrument in Reaper, the keyboard wasn't working. I could still trigger the sound from my MIDI controller or the Virtual Keyboard. Not sure why this happens, since it works perfectly fine in Ableton and Logic.

To rectify this, Goto the CONFIG menu on your Virus synth. A couple of menus later (3 or 4 clicks) you'll see an option for 'LOCAL'. I had to turn this ON. (Although an error pops up saying it's not recommended while using it as a plugin, but meh, it works) Not sure, why this has to be done only in Reaper, but does the trick for me now.

I do not use any of the audio outputs of the Virus. I merely use it with USB. So when I initiate the plugin, I choose 'NO' for the stereo output options.
Next, I double click to add 3 more tracks (you can do it for all 16 if you want).

Now, assuming we are working with 'Track 2' corresponding with the 2nd patch on the Virus, click on the 'I/O' tab on the Track, which will pop up a routing option for sends and receives.

Add a new SEND, going to your plugin track.

It should then show you the send settings.

In the SEND (going to the Virus) settings, at the bottom you will find a Audio and MIDI routing tab.

In the MIDI routing tab, set the first one to ALL and the next one to the channel on the Virus you want it routed to, in this case 2.

There, any MIDI on track 2 should now correspond to patch 2 and you could do the same with the following channels.

Once setup up, group them into a folder and save as a template. Next time you open up, just load from template and you'll have your Virus ready to go within seconds.

I hope this helps, I just figured it out a couple of minutes ago and was scouting for alternative options when I saw this thread.

Similar to other DAW's, all your audio will be coming from the track with the plugin instance. You can mute/unmute and record your parts out or leave them as MIDI and finally render. Not sure if Reaper supports offline rendering for the Virus, Ableton didn't.

Good Luck! :thumbsup:



  • "ismism" started this thread

Posts: 69

Location: Seattle

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Monday, November 21st 2011, 4:24am

Wow! Thanks for all of your help. I have pretty much jumped overboard on the Reaper, but I might just go back and give it a try. I really appreciate the detailed help! Meanwhile...

I'm afraid I'm facing a MUCH LARGER PROBLEM: The USB ports on my Asus G73JW are not dedicated ports. They're ALL HUBS. You may remember the dire warning in the manual about NOT USING USB HUBS (and apologizing for shouting - well-mannered folk, these Access people). So as far as using Total Integration with this laptop, it looks like I'm a fupped duck. It has one USB 3.0 port, which I suspect is also a hub, but that one doesn't work with the TI. Windows tries to load the driver with the TI plugged in to that port and fails dismally.

So here's another question: Does anyone know about USB 3.0 support from Access? Is there a version of the OS that supports it? Is that another wild goose chase?


Monday, November 21st 2011, 6:52am

All is not lost. If the other devices on the shared USB hub are all USB2.0 devices (none is USB1.1 or less - use the profiler in mac and device manager in "devices by connection" mode in windows to find out), you are still good to go. If not, a USB2.0 hub dedicated to the Virus will work, probably with increased latency. A better solution will be to get an express card of USB ports that will be dedicated to the virus. Also, a few users have reported success with USB3 - try to search the forum.