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Monday, November 28th 2011, 3:09am

new house/prog trance tune…songID=11250347

Hello Everyone, I have uploaded my newest song. Please have a listen and let me know what you think. Comments on mixdown/composition are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Best Wishes,





Monday, November 28th 2011, 4:51am

i like this one a lot.

love the 80's flavours mixed in with a bit of fragmas toca me type riffs in there....if i were you i would prog it up a bit darken the drums and make it a bit more deep...that combo of deep rythmns and uplifting riffs is the future in my opinion....excellent.




Monday, November 28th 2011, 8:15am

That's a very sweet and compelling chord progression. I might be tempted to fade in, then out, a slow, distant (reverbed and EQ'ed back) distorted electric guitar melody over the chord change; or else a nod to some Balearic seaside holiday mood with a few distant flamenco licks. Overall, I found it a very pleasantly hypnotic piece that you could either chill or dance to. As Tomski said, some counterbalancing element of darker tones in the drums or elsewhere might enhance it.




Monday, November 28th 2011, 11:03pm

thank you both for your feedback. I really appreciate it. I plan on adding some male vocals to it, and wanted to keep it a bit bright till i see how they sit in the mix. Now i just need to find a good vocalist. :huh: In the meantime i might have a go at darkening up the drums a bit and adding some depth to the low end. Thanks again for your time. :D

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