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Thursday, March 1st 2012, 1:36am

@flabberbob : I tried with fl studio 10 and does not work well, when i bought the virus I tried with fl studio which is my next daw and never works good. but I will try again
@voldeeman : The virus is plugged in the computer that runs with a motu sound card ultralite mk3 hybrid. everything work well with the card but I will looking for update

tx guys


Monday, March 5th 2012, 11:48am

tx to flabberbob and voldeeman :)

last thing to do : contact the support ??? :cursing:


Monday, March 5th 2012, 8:23pm

tried with another usb cable, nothing changes

I have contacted the support today, waiting news from them


Monday, March 5th 2012, 9:30pm

In your host in i/o devices menu select Virus USB Audio Driver, change the buffer size to 128 samples + safety buffer and then you can choose the ASIO device you usually use.


Tuesday, March 6th 2012, 12:55am

well done

thanks mate