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Saturday, March 17th 2012, 10:46am

Phishroom I don't really understand why are you so offended . He don't try to poison you . Of course you have a Virus !!. Just imagine !!. I am a sound designer and I create a good soundset. After I'm selling my first soundset I become desperate thinking that my work will be shared all over the internet or that my work will be sold by that person without my knowledge !!. This situation is a very sad one AND THIS SCENARIO IS REALLY HAPPENING lots of times!!. For example my work is copyrighted but this will not stop the other person to sell my work WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE. Of course this is 100% unfair . When a sound designer is in a desperate situation he start to do strange things like collecting emails manually )))) ... Of course he is not a bad person . He just try to sell hes work more quickly to prevent a negative scenario !!. Why don't you think this way ?.

Normally is illegal to send commercial messages to a person you don't know or he's not giving you that permission. But in this very particular situation he knew that you have a Virus and that you like music . So if you have a Virus is logic that you need good sounds and that you are interested in music. Usually bad spamers are also malicious hackers and
they do a lot of bad bad things. They try to steel emails by breaking different sites and after they take all emails using hacking programs, they send tricky messages to all those email adresses . They try to full people and they destroy other companies ...For example I get a lot of spamming about how to enlarge my penis by tacking some magical pills . Or how to become a millionaire by reading a book ... I hate those kind of messages !!! because they are malicious. But if an artist will send me a message about a good special soundset I will be very happy and honored !!. You must understand the difference between a malicious spam and a positive commercial anouncement sended to you personally by another user from this community .

So phishroom why so offended ?. He don't try to sell you heroin )). You have a virus right ?. And we are a community . We share the same passion . We have the same goal ...So in this situation I think that is normal if another Virus user is sending you his commercial work . I don't say that is a good thing to send a commercial email to other Virus user. But is not a bad thing either, because both users have a Virus and they make music. Damn !!. All I'm saying is that I don't understand why phishroom is so offended ?. :huh: Maybe he have other problems ?? . Hey phishroom . Please tell me what your problem is . Maybe I can help you with an advice . I'm also a very good psychiatrist. In my opinion I think that is impossible to become offended because another Virus user is sending you hes hard work . Maybe you have other problems and now you try to blame your problems because of an email 8| ?. Take care of your self .Don't be so sad. I wish you a good life and a great musical career.

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Saturday, March 17th 2012, 1:34pm

RE: Forum Privacy Issue (FIXED)

If I understand correctly the problem was that:
I replied to the spammer, letting them know it was inappropriate and unwelcome but I was actually checking out their demos nonetheless. I asked them to immediately stop spamming new forum users. They responded in a hostile, insulting, and obscene manner. ..
Which was later attributed to a language barrier.


Saturday, March 17th 2012, 2:02pm

aaa now I understand they have responded in a very negative way. I did't notice that . Sorry . My fault ((