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Monday, March 19th 2012, 8:51pm

Noob questions regarding S/PDIF + others


Fist post here. I am the new owner of a TI2 Desktop. I run it with ProTools 10 on a Mac Pro. I have some newbie questions:
1) I assumed that S/PDIF was always "hot". Is this not true? It seems I can't get anything to the S/PDIF out unless I'm hooked up via USB to the Virus.
2) I can't seem to find a way to route to the outputs. Where are these settings hidden? <edit> I found this in the "common" section of TI Editor (no S/PDIF listed, bummer)
3) Why is the headphone output so quiet? I am used to +4 gear and this seems really weak

The sound from this instrument is amazing, to be sure, but I am getting a little bit nervous that I spent $2300USD on a tool that is not quite ready as robust as I assumed a German made machine would be. I admit I am getting older (45) and heading toward being a grouchy old man but I've been working with Synths since 1980 and I have very high hopes for the TI concept.

Thanks for any help,


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Monday, March 19th 2012, 10:15pm

The S/PDIF out should replicate the analog outs (so routing to out1 should do). It could be that S/PDIF has an on/off configuration somewhere in the menus, I need to check.
Headphones are of course not +4db (or we would all have gone deaf by now), but it is true that a single Virus sound is relatively quiet - that's because the engine leaves some headroom for it to be mixed with the other 15 channels.
I suggest that if you know any mac gurus, it's a good idea to have them around and letting them read the install guide (lots of valuable info there), and some of the threads here that deal with USB.
Welcome aboard, and hope this helps!


Tuesday, March 20th 2012, 12:05am

Thanks for the response! I noodled around and got it working.

I'm pretty sure I had a bogus cable. In any event it's working great now. I have a Dangerous music D-Box in my rig and I much prefer to use it for D/A conversion and as a headphone amp. It is amazing and the Virus sounds great through it!

Long story short my flow is:
Virus S/PDIF OUT --> Rosetta 200 S/PDIF IN --> Rosetta 200 S/PDIF OUT --> Dangerous D-Box AES IN

I guess I'm still a little confused that there are settings in the TI Control that do not appear in the Virus LCD. I guess I'll need to do some more digging. The manual really doesn't say much about basic navigation so I'll need to sit down and budget some time to get to know it.

Thanks again,