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Friday, January 28th 2011, 12:29am

How to use all USB and Analog output with ableton

Virus TI 2
Ableton 8.2.1

How can i configure my ableton project to be able to use the 3 USB Stereo Out + the 3 analog audio out into 6 seperate track?


Friday, January 28th 2011, 8:29am


this video should help you out :)


Sunday, January 30th 2011, 1:31am

The video linked shows how to set up separate audio tracks to consume from the three USB channels provided by the Virus. To also get three analog at the same time, you'll need a multi-channel audio interface for Ableton. Route the analog outputs from the Virus into the audio interface and configure additional audio channels appropriately in Ableton to consume these audio feeds. Then, in Virus Control, select the audio outputs as the destination similar to how the video shows selecting the USB outputs as the destination.

Ableton also lets you collapse the MIDI and Audio into a single channel if you'd rather. To do so, create a MIDI channel in Ableton. Drop an "External Instrument" Ableton device onto this channel. Configure the External Instrument to send MIDI to VC on the appropriate part number (1-16). Then configure the audio input of the External Instrument to consume the desired audio source (be it from the VC plugin for USB, or from your audio interface for the analogs). This helps reduce channel clutter in Ableton. But only makes logical sense if you are doing a 1:1 mapping of part to audio channel.


Wednesday, February 9th 2011, 10:32pm

are you sure that this works at the same time, getting 3 USB outs and 3 stereo pairs on the back of the virus?

The Virus TI Setup Guide (page 18) says that there is no output availible in 3out1in USB mode?

I got my Virus since 2 days... so correct me please




Friday, April 6th 2012, 5:18am

This entire forum is filled with vague answers! so confused


Tuesday, April 10th 2012, 12:17pm

Hmmm... maybe try this post I wrote , if I understand correctly the difference is that you want to use the analog outs (where the other guy wants to use S/PDIF), and for this you would need to have 3x2 analog ins in your soundcard, otherwise you wouldn't be able to use all of them. Also, your soundcard must have its own mixing utility which you should use, and Windows machines use ASIO instead of Core Audio.