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Friday, April 6th 2012, 8:23am

Yeah is this problem going to be solve in OS 5 thats is the reason why you guys are going to add new filter poles, and new envelopes, Hope this gets fix because it does seem to be noticeable in Hypersaw.


Monday, April 9th 2012, 2:44pm

I think I have a simmilar or the same issue. Usb connection only.
On a spectrogram If I have a pure sine at 440 you will see harmonic waves propigate out and then roll back into the primary. Sounds like a half volume slow lfo zipper. I've found that if I put the virus to sleep and wake it back up it is usally ok again for awhile. Ill try and get a video up later.
Live 8.x on OSX Lion.


Tuesday, April 10th 2012, 11:25am

@Randomseed: I read somwhere that the Virus' sine waveform is not pure, just to make it more interesting. I'd love to see an image of that spectrogram, did you turn off all effects? I think a chorus effect can cause what you describe.


Wednesday, April 11th 2012, 4:22pm

Ill try and capture it later today, yesterday it didnt rear its head.
Its defintly not intentionaly, on normal occasions the sine sits fairly pure on the graph, when the detune starts happening it looks like half size waves propigating out and then back into the key freq.
Just using the standard spectrograph in ableton.
Running an I7 Imac quad 12GB ram on a focusrite 8/6
Defintly turned off all effects, reproduced by going to init patch and stripping out the filters and second osc.


Friday, October 12th 2012, 8:20am

BUMP - Pitch problem still occurring

Bumping this post, just incase anyone's forgotten about it.

I stopped producing music for a long while due to problems with the Virus TI (my main synth.) Now I am back and trying to make music, but this bug keeps annoying me. It is almost like having an analog synth the way it goes out of tune.

Here's my checklist up to now:
1. Disabled all power saving optimisations in BIOS, Windows and everywhere I can find.
2. Using dedicated PCI-e USB2.0 controller card with a short USB cable to the Virus TI.
3. Invested in power distribution and filtering system (Samson Powerbrite Pro), plus surge protected sockets.
4. Checked the Virus TI with Windows XP 32bit and Windows 7 64bit. Same on both.
5. Checked it with/without USB connection. Without USB connection it is perfect.

Video again:
In the video, it makes no difference whether multi-processing is switched on or off. It occurs with both. Simply switching it off and on again causes the Virus TI to become stable for another few seconds - enough time to bounce down a short segment of audio before it starts going out of tune again. I have also checked with only one CPU core active in BIOS, so there's no multi processing or hyperthreading possible. It exhibits the same behaviour.

Thanks, Jim.


Friday, October 12th 2012, 11:46am

What TIOS are you currently using?


Friday, October 12th 2012, 1:16pm

What TIOS are you currently using?
Hi. I'm using I have had many problems with previous versions, but this one seems the most stable and has sorted out the other issues I was having. I'd attempt an upgrade to 5, but have heard a lot of people were having trouble with the beta. Think I'll wait until it's in a release state before trying to upgrade.

EDIT1: My current system and settings are:
Intel Core i7 3.33GHz Extreme // 12GB RAM // Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 (disabled all the CPU power saving as well as TurboBoost®)
MOTU 24i/o (Tested at 44.1kHz, 48kHz and tested at 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 sample buffers.)
Windows XP 32bit (tweaked down to 13 background processes, disabled selective suspend, power saving, enabled Windows 3GB switch, etc.)
From Cubase 5.5.1 to Cubase 6.5.4, the same issue is evident.

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Friday, October 12th 2012, 1:37pm

windows XP support is not available for OS5. your mileage might vary.
The official Virus TI facebook page:


Saturday, October 27th 2012, 10:56am

Same problem, unstable pitch using usb outs with OS beta.

The sample rate change fix the problem but for one part of virus..if you want another you have to do it again.

Analog outs are stable.

any news with this?



Monday, October 29th 2012, 12:11pm

Same problem, unstable pitch using usb outs with OS beta.

The sample rate change fix the problem but for one part of virus..if you want another you have to do it again.

Analog outs are stable.

any news with this?


how "unstable" is the pitch? can you quantify that in e.g. cent?
The official Virus TI facebook page: