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Friday, May 4th 2012, 3:52pm

Minimal Dub Tech / Tech House / Techno


There is so much good music in the internet and therefore some new artists will be hidden for the community even they would like it very well. However, I’m not a newcomer, started at 1998 to produce my own music (Jungle/Drum and Bass), but didn’t release any track. Some years later, Chillout, IDM, Electronica stuff from Madstyle came out as net releases at, and crazy language as well. My first track with the Access Virus Ti Snow got the 3. place at musician contest at mushroom magazine 2009 (Chillout) (Mushroom Magazine)

Now I started a new project with Minimal Dub Tech, Tech House production. Without any “advertisement” like this, nobody will keep attention to Neurotonal. I’m sure you will like some peaces you can listen at Soundcloud. If you like what you hear, I would be happy about your support!!!

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