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Tuesday, September 29th 2009, 4:21pm

This is the almost-news I've been waiting for for a little over a year now! Wahey!


Wednesday, September 30th 2009, 1:28am

Fingers crossed ;)


Wednesday, September 30th 2009, 9:36pm

Even if it is a comparison α version, I want promptly to obtain ・・・.




Thursday, October 1st 2009, 2:56am

we believed to have something for you last week and ran into some problems while alpha testing the version. right now we're testing against again and the problems found are fixed. you need to take into account, that with software development, it is difficult to predict a launch date. that's why, i'm notoriously careful announcing one - i simply don't want to raise expectations beyond what seems save to us. fingers crossed that we don't find anything that would hold a public beta back and you should see a download in much less than months ;)

best, marc
Big ups. The dedication from Access is much appreciated on this end. Looking forward to 64 bit drivers. Do you know if this will include win7 support?



Thursday, October 1st 2009, 12:49pm

you might want to point your browser to the download section, we've released a first public beta supporting 64-bit on XP/Vista and windows 7. also, please discuss your findings in the public beta section of this forum. there is a dedicated thread.

best, marc
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Thursday, October 1st 2009, 4:02pm

good to read this

I'm waiting for a first 64bit OS support for a long time... funny why noone at Access confirmed the obvious... that 64bit software has to come for the Virus Ti series


Thursday, October 1st 2009, 6:12pm

Thank you, Marc. Thank you all at Access for listening.



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Friday, October 2nd 2009, 3:27pm

...OS 3.3 64x: Beta, but works! :thumbsup: ...just now everything is 64bit... :rolleyes: ...the Ti plugin as well... not just the dirvers... ;(
:?: Is there a way using a 32bit TI VST plugin on top of the 64bit drivers in Vista 64bit :?:


Friday, October 2nd 2009, 3:50pm

i'll close that thread now. please respond here:

thanks, marc
The official Virus TI facebook page: