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Saturday, October 3rd 2009, 3:27am

a Virus SoftSynth for Corei7

would the Corei7 processor have enough horsepower for 1 instance of a virus softsynth? maybe combined with a opencl gpu?

This would solve

the usb problem,
the portability /powerbrick problem,
the latency problem,
the multitimberal automation problem,
the limited bus problem
the freeze tracks and offline render problem,

and it would be much easier and convenient to work on.



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Sunday, October 4th 2009, 11:18am


the usb problem:
- would be just moved to other midi / audio gear with the same problems if these are usb

the portability /powerbrick problem,
- do you prefer carrying a second laptop?

the latency problem,
- do you need better than 128samples buffer? ...than it will be difficult with any PC solutions- I've tried running my TI on 49 samples over USB, this works too, just the PC suffers form heavy load... hardly allowing to run any other plugins additionally.

the multitimberal automation problem,
- does midi control not work individually on 16 channels?

the limited bus problem
- well, any HW has any limitation - a plugin does not solve that, again just moved to other HW

the freeze tracks and offline render problem,
- freeze is just an invention for the sake of lacking processing power in PC's... I doubt i7 will offer the magnitudes of processing power needed for that and let's say just 200% will not really be enough to overcome this IMHO

- true, offline rendering is a problem with HW gear, but which other HW synth can do this?

Don't misunderstand my comments - I just conclude you might trade in one problem for the next...