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Tuesday, October 27th 2009, 7:15pm

Change of style, Virus Ti in effect.

1 heavy detuned lead, masses of sidechain, a touch of portamento, 4 notes and the odd verty buzz patch. All sat at 128 for some pumpin', high octane pleasure.

I've opened up the sidechain in the first brake to show it's effect, Just before the very strange pitch builder i'm still trying to master. Theres no cuting out notes, off beats etc, its just right through, let the side chain work its magic.


Had loads of fun making this although its hardly musicly creative. Especialy as it's only 4 notes through out the tune.

A friends going to help me put a propper brake down init for me as well as some punky vocals, once recorded.

and yes it is a bit dark but thats the virus for you.

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Tuesday, November 3rd 2009, 4:16pm

This track has got a lot of potential I think and it already sounds good.

I'd like to see a much deeper and heavier bassline kick in at about 3.00 just after the mini break.