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Thursday, April 8th 2010, 1:13am

Depeche Mode - Wrong

hi dear friends
can someone tell me what are the sounds on the virus Ti snow used to play Wrong?



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Saturday, April 10th 2010, 4:05pm

wrong section bud. try to ask in another section next time. :)

For you question i can't answer that, sorry.


Sunday, April 11th 2010, 1:18pm

Have a look at the film on Depeche Mode - Sounds Of The Universe DVD. They show much of the production of Wrong.
But they have loads of old analog synths and they use them. If I remember right the saw sound under the bass is from the Virus... --- NO! It´s not. It´s from a hardware MS20 :whistling:
And they made maybe all of their sounds in Sound Design Studios Santa Barbara.
When I die I want to be there. It´s paradise with all that synthie stuff!!! 8 )

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Tuesday, April 13th 2010, 7:59am

many thanks dear friend
have a good day