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Friday, March 19th 2010, 8:43pm

When is ver. 4 release version due?

..well as mentioned above, I just wan't to know when the release version no. 4 is meant to be... hrrm.... released!?

The BETA is a bit to buggy for me and when I installed it, it somehow wiped out the "My patches" collection!
After installing and relaunching Logic it was gone. Fortunatly it seems like the settings for all used sounds
remained saved within Logic so (as far as I know) I did'nt really loose any of my tracks... and now I have lots
of free space in the "my patches"directory! Bravo Access!



Friday, March 19th 2010, 10:07pm

i've just tried that and i didn't loose patches. anybody else would like to comment?

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Sunday, March 21st 2010, 11:03pm

Well, as always BETA's is kind of a experiment, but since Logic kept all settings of the Virus, it's all good....
However it's still kind of buggy and I would like to know when the release version is due!

Thnx and big up Virus team! :thumbup:



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Tuesday, March 23rd 2010, 7:25pm

did it, rather than deleting them, actually just move to a new location where your old patches are not kept?




Friday, March 26th 2010, 1:34pm

so no answere to the actual question?




Thursday, April 15th 2010, 11:57am

I understand it is not possible to tell a date, but maybe you could clear the question, if the OS4 is only BETA right now.
Cause it is advertised on the access site as new OS, but wwhen you go to released Versions it is still OS3...
Also which is not an official forum but still a big one, states OS4 on mainpage to download, no word of BETA.
I know you are not responsible for what another Site posts, but maybe ypu could just clear things up?




Tuesday, April 20th 2010, 9:05pm





Wednesday, April 21st 2010, 12:56am

A new beta just came out today so I'd say it'll still be a while before an official release 8|




Thursday, April 22nd 2010, 9:57am

yeah I noticed that too...


Thursday, April 22nd 2010, 8:57pm

our definition of a pubic beta is that we addressed the issues known which we were planning to address. it also means that we went through loads of i house test. it doesn't mean that we guarantee that this version and therefore a public beta is like an invitation for others to try and let us know.

a version which contains loads of new features is more of a "risk" than a sub release addressing what we found in the release before. in the case of (which is the seconds release in OS4 times) i think it's worth giving it a shot.

best, marc
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