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Monday, October 17th 2011, 12:53pm

Detroit techno sound.


Im trying to figure out how to make a detroit techno sound on my TI Snow, something like this from dave clarke:

Some tips, a guide or a soundbank would be very nice! :)



Monday, October 17th 2011, 11:37pm

Hi and welcome :)

Ok, I' ll give you a push, but:

>This is not THE method! Other methods will probably work as well. I don' t even know how the original was built. What follows comes from my own experience.
>This is not a complete walkthrough, but a push in some direction.
>I am not in front of my synth right now, so this comes from the mind ;)

-Start out from an init patch

-Set oscillator balance to the full left so only the first oscillator is heard. You should have a clean single sawtooth now.

-Change osc 1' s waveshape so you end up with a pulse wave. The Virus can morph between sine->saw->pulse.

-Setup a sequence of chords in your sequencer. The chord should consist of 4 notes: first note should have fairly low pitch. Somewhere between c1 and c3. Second note is 5 semitones above the first. Third note is 8 semitones above the first. Fourth note is a full octave (12 semitones) above the first note. So: Base+5+8+12. Possibly add a fifth note one octave lower. Experiment with that.

-Tweak the filter by closing cutoff frequency somewhere around the middle and giving a mild amount of resonance.

-Increase filter envelope depth to taste.

-Experiment with the above three parameters and, if needed, the decay rate of the filter.

-Change the pulse width of the first oscillator so the pulse wave becomes thinner.

-Experiment to taste with:

*oscillator 1 pulse width
*oscillator 1 waveshape

*filter cutoff
*filter envelope depth
*filter decay rate

Once this basic sound is set, you can enhance it further:

-Add some analog boost for a warmer sound
-Add a little bit of distortion for some more rawness
-Use the eq to emphasize specific frequencies and beef it up even further
-Dial in the second oscillator, off course set to pulse and perhaps detuned or synced, one octave higher or lower...perhaps in combination with sub osc?
-Unison can be used as well, but since this is a fairly raw sound, you should avoid things that make the sound wooly/smudgy/blurry/vague. So avoid reverb, detuning, chorus and unison or use them subtle.






Tuesday, October 18th 2011, 7:26am

Thanks alot! :) Will try it when i get back from work today!




Tuesday, October 18th 2011, 10:15pm

Lovely. Got me going just in the right direction. Thanks a milion! :)