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Saturday, February 13th 2010, 2:39pm

Sounds keep changing Help !!!!!!! Cant trust my multi mode

I have been using my virus ti2 for about a month now and had quite a few problems with it.

I used to have a ti desktop and i had various multi templates saved on there these were all working fine but i felt that i need the extra keyboard and the extra polyphony would be useful for me so i upgraded to the ti2 keyboard version. I transferred all my old patches to the new virus and off i went.

So this is where the problems begin. I played a gig last night and the patches were all over the place. Two patches on seperate multis had dropped in volume and were virtually inaudiable. Some others had started swirling very very strange. I had a run through with it two days before with the same setup and everything was finish other than the levels being slightly out. I tried turning it off and on ...i tried rebooting it with the hold down edit button

When i turned it on today all was back to normal apart from two patches on one multi. I'll explain the problem.

I wrote these two parts in logic designed the two sounds in there. When i play them in logic via vc they sound as they should running along side each other. So polyphony although slightly streched is alright. When i drag and drop the patches into my ram folders reload them into my multi they sound different. Even if io play them one at a time they suddenly drop as if there is an lfo on the or something but the they are the same patches that i have just heard gradually soaring with a large sustain slope etc.

The patches are a varient on timeflux and mwquant.........

Is it possible to transfer the patches from a ti to a ti2 or does this mess things up.

Does anyone have any possible explanations for this ????

Cheers Kevin