Trancey delayed arpeggio synth

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    • Trancey delayed arpeggio synth

      Hi all

      new here!

      I have been trying to make this trancey arpeggiated synth on my virus B but i never seem to get it right so i was wondering if anyone could give me a tip on how to obtain it.

      An example are those high pitched synts that kick in at
      5.50 onwards and swirl in the background on here

      I have tried with a 1/16 arpeggiator with a filtered square/sine mixture but it doesnt sound as fluid

      any ideas?

      thanks in advance!
    • Use a custom arp at 1/16, activate only the first 3 steps, use a saw and a sine (maybe) really detuned, apply lowpass filter (maybe analog filter) and some portamento. Apply a light LFO to both osc tune also... play a bit with filter envelopes...and maybe you can get a little closer...I have to try it as I have a minute. It also seems to apply hight resonance and filter envelope tweaking when swirling.
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