My Virus TI finally died :(

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    • My Virus TI finally died :(

      What a sad day. Yesterday my old Virus TI died after more than 10years of great music. I am super sad to be honest, since it was my first hardware synth I ever bought (after using vsts only in my early days of synth-experiments :)) . But I am not giving up on it yet, maybe I can get some usefull tips from your guys.
      - I was working normally with my Virus and suddenly it turned off
      - I unplugged the ac adapter + usb cable and plugged it in again. The virus worked again for 2-5 minutes
      - After that, the same problem: it turned off
      - Since it was late yesterday I gave it another shot today: noting happens.
      - I also tried different ac adapters: nothing; I used the virus ac on a different device: it worked

      So are there any ideas what component might broke? What could lead to this "slow-dying" of my virus, so I was able to get it work for some minutes until it died again? I would be super thankfull for any tipps or even good repari shops in germany(berlin)!
    • Do not despair! It might just that the power supply died, which can be replaced.
      Contact Access Music by mail or the online contact form.

      Good luck!
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    • I had a mobo failure after a power loss in my building.
      I sent it from Italy to Germany and they repaired it.
      From the day it broke to the day I received it in my house and working, only a month passed.
      Open a ticket with the repair service, it's worth it and they work good.
      Do it.
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    • I feel for you man, mine lasted 12 YRS and served me well . One day I went in to play , no audio at all , I thought it was a firmware issue ( I’ve loaded 2 of them successfully) downloaded the latest software,this time the display went blank,still lit up , no lights on the buttons . It would not connect the the VIRUS TI went through all the rituals of loading and holding buttons. Turned out I was not getting any reaction from my unit, It was suggested I contact my nearest authorized service center in Texas I live in Denver ,and there reviews were not very good on this particular service center, to put it straight ,I don’t live by reviews, however ,some of the points they made were simmular to the ones I’ve experienced on other instruments I had serviced.