Black Screen after OS Update

    • Black Screen after OS Update

      Hey, i just bought a Virus TI Keyboard a couple of days ago and already had a lot of fun playing it.

      Today i updated the OS, afterr roughly 15 minutes, it said "update successful".
      I told me it will now restart the virus.
      The virus booted, showed me the "Welcome" and the new OS Version followed by the 2 leds lighting up once.
      Normally after that, it boots up and i can play.

      Now i can only see a black screen on the virus, backlight works, everything else is dark, no led light up, display stays that way for 1 hour now.
      I tried factoryrest (arp edit while powering on) already, same same.

      I saved up ages for this guy, it cant be broken already. :/
      Can anybody please help me.

      Thanks in advance :)
      Kind regards, Ursa
    • Hi - I've just had the same problem myself but it's now resolved. I followed the steps suggested by Marc above but control center couldn't find my TI. I couldn't even invoke a factory reset. My solution was as follows :

      -Disconnected all USB cables from my mac and the TI.
      -Rebooted mac
      -Set TI to USB update mode (as per Marc's instructions above)
      -Reconnected TI USB cable
      -Launched Control Centre
      (TI was now discovered)
      -Clicked - Update the OS 5.17 (This took about 10m)
      TI then restarted as normal