How to clean dust off a TI2 Desktop?

    • How to clean dust off a TI2 Desktop?

      My Virus has very thick dust on top of it, how should I clean this properly without scratching the face plate? Compressed air, maybe? Also, do you guys have any recommendations for clear acrylic cases? I use decksaver cases for all my DJ equipment and I'd love one for the Virus, but I I don't think they make one, unfortunately.
    • I use a fresh clean one of those yellow felt guitar cloths, sometimes just barely damp. I have experienced micro scratches from the quills of a feather duster used even lightly, but whatever works best for you! :)
      Also, yes its a good idea to cover your rig when not in use. I just use a very soft, nice new towel for that but it would be nice if Access had fitted vinyl covers for their synths.
      And, I found a really nice gig bag made specifically for the TI2 Desktop on Ebay made by Custom Amp Covers.
      Hope these suggestions help!
    • Since this thread evolved to a house hold tips show: Vacuum cleaner (rhymes with tube screamer) with a brush tip. But avoid touching the surface because it will cause micro scratches. You can also use micro fibre clothes, but only wipe over the surface without any pressure. The advantage of the VC (vacuum cleaner) is that it sucks in all the dust instead of distributing it somewhere else (wow!). For severe cases of dust on larger surfaces, you can also use a product called «California Car Duster», which is, as its name suggests, made to dust off cars without scratching the polish.
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    • So... I'm the only one using baby wipes? Gently though, I don't want the synth to get all wet.
      About once per month I also remove all the knobs and give the synth a nice clean with a liquid cleaning product for stainless steel and another one for the front wooden panel. I should also get one for the knobs...
      I also have a screen protector installed and my gear is generally always covered under a nice thick psyish tapestry.
      I think I may be sick...
    • psylence,
      What do you mean by a "psyish" tapestry? Psychedelic?
      And please describe what type of screen protector you are using. That sounds like a good idea!
      Yes, removing all the knobs for cleaning is definitely getting a little Michael Jackson, IYKWIM. ;)
      However, I think it might be wise to avoid using any kind of chemical cleaners, but a little Pledge on the front wood strip would probably be OK.
      Fun thread! Cheers!
    • Fun thread indeed, and lol at the MJ comment.
      Yes i mean psychedelic. Apart from sounds I also tend to make my own words. Oh well!
      Any screen protector for a phone will do, just cut it in shape. Just make sure it's plastic (bending) and not the more expensive glass ones. Now that I see it, I may need a new one :)