Hung when rebooting after the update.

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    • Hung when rebooting after the update.

      I was updating my Ti Desktop using Virus Control Center

      After the update was completed the screen asked me to click OK to Reboot the unit, so I did…. and it stuck.

      Virus Ti is showing Connected on a white screen. Control Center is Looking for Virus Ti.... 20 minutes passed.

      I am afraid to quit anything not to ruin the data on a chip, as I am not sure that Virus unit is fully completed connection with the app in terms of writing and saving the message of the update.

      MacPro OS 10.11.6 (15G1611)

      What should I do not to ruin Ti?
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    • Hate it when that happens! Had a similar situation yesterday, but with Win10 installing VC Actually Virus Control Center crashed and left the Virus hanging there.

      I decided to restart the Virus Control Center and the Virus rebooted just fine after that.

      Hope you get it sorted out.

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    • Thanks for you comment!

      At this point, I want to know how to properly quit this hung up connection without inadvertently damaging the OS stored on a Ti chip.
      I know in some cases it can ruin the hardware unit, when the update process is interrupted by disconnection.

      Though the Control Center gave me a message that update was completed and seemingly switched to a next step of rebooting... I am just trying to be extra cautious.
      Not excited about a possibility of sending unit for expensive replacement of hardware inside....
      Hoping for the answer from the support soon :)

      Thank you again, oliAtBass!
    • Here is a reply I received from the product support, that worked perfect (for those who may encounter this issue as well in the future):

      "The TI units have an internal boot loading program, which allows to reload OS even if an OS load goes wrong. Please unplug the power from your Virus TI and remove any other cable going from/to the TI. Wait approximately 1-2 minutes. While plugging in the power into the unit again, hold down the EXIT button. This will force the unit into USB UPDATE MODE. Next try again to load in the very latest OS with the help of the "Virus Control Center" application (do not mix this up with the TI Control PlugIn) and check if this helps."

      Thank you!