Envelope as an LFO?

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    • Envelope as an LFO?

      Hi all,
      As we all know, the LFO's have an envelope mode on the TI2, but- do the envelopes have an LFO mode or can be used as an LFO somehow? That way you could set your own waveshape (within the constraints of an envelope of course) for LFO-like modulation of destinations.. Or am I thinking about this correctly in the first place? :)
      I know on my Blofeld the envelopes have a loop function, and the Modifiers in the matrix can have two sources (say, an LFO and an envelope) to modulate a destination, but not sure how all that works as I'm not that accomplished yet.
      Thanks for your input anyone!
    • Yeah, looping envelopes which can be synced to the tempo are pretty cool and a great way to play basic rhythms without the need of a sequencer.
      Love them on the Sub37, would welcome them in the Virus TI as well.
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