USB oh USB (data transmission)

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    • USB oh USB (data transmission)

      Bought a Ti Snow and straight away ran into USB problems; however, it is now in Germany getting fixed (actually having a new board fitted, for that is where an irreparable fault resided) and whilst it is there and I anxiously await its return, I had an idea...
      The USB passes data and audio signal to a computer, right? Well, somehow, would it not be possible to bypass having to actually physically connect the Virus and a computer by streaming the data (and the audio is still digital is it not??) over Bluetooth?
      I mean, if I can listen to audio on this rather nice pair of Sony headphones, why can’t data somehow be streamed as well?
      Can only presume that would need a Bluetooth transmitter and receiver, but it’s not impossible, is it?
      Cheers! :)
    • Thanks. Maybe at some point in the future, then? High speed data transfer can’t be that far off, I mean, if a mobile phone can receive and transmit data (albeit not to great level via Bluetooth but other signal) then, erm, maybe one day just plug something in the back. Have to admit to being no expert. Dreamer, yes.
    • ... working on quite a modest set up - a 2012 Mac mini (albeit with 16gb ram) running Logic, with a Maschine micro mk2 and an Ultranova already hogging the USB ports, so analogue audio out from the Virus would then have to run through an audio capture card -or- through the Ultranova ( which has that function/ability) Actually, could do that ... but apart from the worry about setting it up, don’t fancy the D/A > A/D signal loss by doing so. I know it’s going to be pretty tight finding an isolated USB port as it is but hopefully (fingers crossed!) should get it all running.
      For anyone’s reference - got a great repair estimate when the Snow went in to SynthesizerServiceDepartment - a price of c.150 Euros + shipping + 19% VAT for replacing the main board.
      Still waiting however to see if the main board can be sourced from Access ... fingers crossed!

      + @EG - yes, that sort of thing! :)