Vintage & Analog - 256 PATCHES \o/

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    • Vintage & Analog - 256 PATCHES \o/

      Digital it's not Analog BUT ... 8o

      Analog X Sounds Vol.2 is an exciting sound bank inspired by Classic Analogue Synthesisers sounds.
      Great care was taken to provide a "warmer" side to Virus TI with subtle extra programming.

      Once again I’ve emulated famous vintage analog synths (Minimoog, Polymoog, Moog Modular, Juno, Jupiter, Buchla, EMS Synth, CS-80),plus retro digital synths ( DX7, D50, SQ80 )

      I hope that this bank a little bit brings us closer to the classic sound on this digital TI synth.
      I'm really proud of this set, and I'm so excited to share it with you guys !

      Available at :

      - Sound Design -

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