OS4 IS OUT!!!!

  • The driver problem happens when I try to open the Virus Control Center application in Windows 7 64 as well. The message reads: "Installed drivers do not match the version required by the Virus Control Center"

    When I check the control panel it shows the most recent driver versions installed.

    Here is the same problem. Sometimes it works ok but in most cases I need to reinstall and reinstall drivers in order to get some response of the TI. Now I can't access to control center or virus control plugin... any ideas to solve it?

  • hi everyone! this is my first post on the forum.

    i've had a ti2 desktop since last summer, and i'm using it with sonar 7 on xp sp3.
    so far in os4 everything works perfectly. it loads faster, and the projects also close faster.

    there's only one problem. for some reason, the audio inputs are not working in usb mode.
    i tried using the same presets in standalone mode, and everything works as expected.

    i'd really appreciate some help on this.

  • It works on my OS X 10.6.2 with Cubase 5.0.1 setup. Older 3.x projects sound the same as before (including 80 minutes*2*5 automation) which is good, no need to re-edit.

    New sounds... mmmm.... for the next project :D

    Ausgezeichnet Access!

  • Yeah i like the way sounds from around 10 years ago can still be used. It's great because i'm releasing some of my stuff that I made the last ten years on iTunes as a sort of a portfolio E.P. project of CosmicDreamer's best productions over the years. So it's nice to come back to all these great HS , m@ and JS sounds that I used alot and find out that hey sound more direct than before.

    If I look at my own sounds I can sometimes notice that a multitude the virus upgrades degraded some as some parameters might have gone lost in translation. For example: There's these sounds that I use alot of hall reverb on but they end up in banks using ambient type reverb which is a bit more harsh than the smoothness of the hall reverb.

    But most of my "children" even sound more powerful.

  • Hi all
    Just thought I'd say my new OS4 installed with out a problem.
    Apart from the pre-mentioned Knob labling error ( comb filter RES knob is labled "L" etc ) the new features are working perfectly and sounding sweet.
    Can't wait to mangle up some of my previous sounds.

    Inspiron 1520
    2.4 core2 duo
    4 gb ram
    xp home sp3
    Live 8 / Cubase 5

    Cheers Andy R

  • hi all, will instaal it 2nite on XP 64 bit. I have a dual booth, win7 64, and win XP. win7 is simply impossible to work with as long as the GUI issues are present.
    How can yall work on win 7 beats me. i cant even record automation decent, it apperas all jumpy if u see the graphical representation of the movement of your automated knobs.

  • I have noticed that with the new operating system (OS4),the arpeggiator with my old projects doesn't correctly work, the pattern doesn't play as the visualization of the steps.
    Does someone have this problem?

  • when using the TI standalone and not with VC, you have to have the arp on (triggering notes) in order to edit it as a modulation source. IE, there's no wway to select an arp and change the values for the mod matrix unless the arp is also triggering notes at the same time. Once you turn the arp off the settings remain, but it makes tweaking the arp values a little cumbersome.

    i dont understand... are you saying that the values of the step amounts (like in that screen in VC cannot be edited like that in the virus hardware without the VC plug-in? if not please explain what you meant..... and so ya, what can you do in VC that you cannot do in the hardware (other than the obvious... can you not edit those step values in the hardware now with OS4?