Assign Soft knobs from within Virus Control??

  • Perhaps there is a way to do this and I am just missing it, but can one assign the modulation destination to a soft knob from within Virus Control itself? I see the soft knobs listed in the Easy page, but right or left clicking on the knob or parameter name itself does nothing to allow me to assign which paramater I would like the soft knob in question to control. Can this only be done on the front panel of the hardware itself? If this is the case, will ever be possible to have a menu show on the easy page where we can assign what each soft knob does from within Virus Control itself without having to do it from the front panel?


  • Thanks for this info. I will give it a try.

    EDIT... What a tool I am. I knew about this the entire time when I didn't need it, but when it came to me wanting to assign parameters to the soft knobs, I completely forgot where to look. Going to the common page brought me a total sense of embarrassment that I even asked this question to begin with.