Virus Control OS1-2 Skin

  • Can we please close this post..

    Access has stated that they will not do this. They will not change the color of the VC and the new color of the VC will be here to stay!!

    "I don't know about programming but it seems like a VERY simple request"

    Yes it is hard to do and that's why you don't know about programming..

    To have a company such as Access to do Multi OS upgrades and read such new features and requests and acting on then is GREAT for a company to do.

    Examples are the new distortion's on the Virus Ti line and the new OS4.

    But if Access states that there not going to change the color then THEY ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE THE COLOR OR HAVE THAT OPTION.

    Sorry Guys and Girls

  • I tried Marc's suggestion and highly recommend it. As soon as I put the red semi-translucent film, the warm analogish tinge to the Virus' sound was back. I must say though, the black and white graphic card mod, did take away some of the character from the sound, but I can feelz dem PHAT vibez again :thumbsup:

    Thank you Marc, yoo iz a life saver! :love: