Is this a wierdy one or what !!

  • Guys,
    I have 2 x TI's ( Key & Desk ) and now running the long awaited OS4.
    Running Mac's, Cubase 4 and 10.5.8.
    In the update, I was able to update both beast simultaneously ( which I thought was quite cool ).
    Now here come this freaky bit.
    On the keyboard, everything is working fine, so far. But, on the desktop there is no Freq Shift select.
    Checked the versions, yep OS4.
    Now the next trippy thing is that, under VST mode, both and each of the TI's have the Freq Shift under FX1 tab.
    So is it there or isn't it???
    Where is it under standalone mode???

  • Yes, if it is a TI 1 desktop.

    Press the lower FX EDIT key twice. This gives you access to the Frequency Shifter, as well as the Vocoder and Input Follower.

  • Yep and nup.

    It's exactly like the keyboard and the menu's are still the same.

    But, unlike it's bigger bruva, doesn't show the Freq Shift on the menu.

    It only appears in Virus VST.

    Beats me.

    Even a fresh install doesn't update it even a soft boot works

  • I have the same problem...
    I cant get into the freqshift/newfilter menu ... Only the vocoder menu comes up...
    I usually work standalone so this is an issue for me.

    My first round of playing after installing OS4, while hooked into VC all was good... at that point I was accessing those parameters from both software and the front of the machine...
    I closed my DAW (ableton) and continued playing around. At some point I then discovered the menu not appearing for me. Only the vocoder menu will appear when pressing the fx2 edit button.
    The combfilters and such are still applicable through VC no problem.

    I have not tried reflashing anything yet.


    Oh and yes to all other new parameters being accessible. Only the Freqshift /etc menu is gone.

  • Yep,

    I have re-flashed, rolled back and updated and still the same. Everything's there in the menu's, except for the FreqShift filters.
    Can some else out there with the desktop confirm this?

    I need this to work in standalone

  • Oh I'm sure they're checking it out... but there ain't gonna be no quick fix.. remember this is beta.
    If all goes well, and I'm sure it will, this issue will be addressed in the next release... hopefully not too far off.
    Ill just have to be happy using VC to write my new patches using the new stuff - which ain't so bad.
    Not how I like to do it, but not so bad.

  • So, are the other OS4 parameters (Distortion mode, Speaker Cabinet and ArpToMatrix) still available in the Desktop menus?

    Arp>Matrix is an Arpeggiator mode, hit [ARP EDIT], turn the "Value 1" knob to the right until you see "Arp>Matrix". Note that you need to select "Arp Input" in the [MATRIX SELECT] menu as source in a slot to make it work.
    The frequency shifter is in the lower FX section. Hit [LOWER FX EDIT] twice (the display headline might read "Vocoder", then hit [PARAMETERS >] until it reads "Frequency Shifter 1/1".
    The new Distortion modes are in the Distortion Section, hit [LOWER FX SELECT] , the LED "DISTORTION" should blink now. Turn the "Value 1" knob until you "Mint Overdrive" etc. These are the new Distortion effects.

    It is all there. :) If you need further help, read the manual and address the access support.