• There is probably some technical reason why, otherwise I think after all this time it would have been present by now, but why does LFO 3 have no TRG PHASE OPTION? I think this would be a huge, huge, huge enhancement to using this LFO. If you are not using any of the hardwired destinations, but instead setting LFO through the mod matrix to control other destinations, it is very hard to have the LFO start at the correct phase in the cycle each time it is suppose to. Having a phase starting point option like LFO 1 and 2 have would be a huge help. Anyone care to comment? Never a go due to technical reasons, possibly a go for the future and why?


  • I'm not sure of the technical details but I'd sure like to see this feature added.

    Especially now that I'm tying up LFO 1 with Ben's downward detuning trick.