EQ Bypass button

  • I would like to see a Bypass button in Virus Control to bypass the EQ section of a patch. I used to neglect the EQ section of the Virus cause I always used 3rd party plugins to shape my sounds the way I liked. I tried giving the EQ section of the Virus a try not too long ago and found it actually complemented the Virus quite well and that I could boost or cut what I liked in the patch itself without relying on a plugin to do it for me. The problem came when I wanted to compare my before and after results. I quickly adapted to the sound of the EQ after a few minutes of tinkering and could no longer compare it to how it sounded before hand without zeroing out my changes to here the dry patch. I think it would be really great if one could dial in some EQ settings then bypass those changes to compare what is really going on in your patch. If this could be done on a per frequency basis this would be even better. One bypass button for the lows, one for the mids and one for the highs so all through the EQ process you can hear exactly what you are doing for comparison purposes. Is what you are doing actually helping your patch or hindering it you know?

    Just a thought. I figured such a feature wouldn't be too hard to implement, would barely take up any screen real estate and can still be something useful for those who want to take advantage of it.

    Thanks for reading, I hope the right eyes see this and keep it in mind as a possible addition in the future.

  • Thanks Marc. I was looking for something toggable within Virus Control itself. A little x box or something that can be clicked on and off at will. If this is not possible that is a shame, but at least I know the answer for sure.

    Thanks again for the reply.