processing inputs with FX doesnt works

  • i have a virus ti . I connect a syntesizer to the virus inputs and i press "play" button on the external syntesizer. All works fine , i hear the sound of the synt inside my virus . But how i make to aply effects like cut off , distortion... how can i config the virus for processing inputs and aplying FX like distortion? thanks very much

  • You need to press the EDIT button to the left of the display, press PARAMETER < or > until you reach the 'Inputs' page, and set Input Mode to 'Static'.

    Alternatively, you could try some of the Input patches - the quickest way to do this is to press SEARCH, choose 'Input' as the Category, press Value + and you'll immediately get a basic input patch. There are several more to browse through as well.

  • thanks very much but doesnt work propertly, i have used the presets (in category - input) and i hear an insignificant change in the sound . Distoritons doesnt works, filters doesnt works. I dont understand. I have gone to "edit" - inputs . Input mode STATIC and input select l+r but i cant hear nothing . What a strange thing . Something goes wrong. Thanks by the way bro.

  • Switch the unit off and press ARP EDIT to switch it back on again. This will reset all the global parameters to default settings.

    Then try the INP Clean patch again. So long as there is a signal going through the inputs of the Virus, and you are monitoring the outputs of the Virus, I can't see what could go wrong.