Im very interesting in know how professionals make the hardstyle kicks ? with which vst or hardware ? maybe virus ti ? maybe another vst like microtonic ? mmm , please someone can show me or tell me how to do it well ?, at least the tools for do it ? okey...

    Hi all, i would like to share with all you my hardstyle kick project produced with a virus ti and fruity loops. Would be fantastic if all you people interested in this project make their own improvement and progressively we can make a hardstyle kick as profesional like the PROFESIONALS hardstyle producers. So , this is my project here and hope you to take part / participate in this project .

    -HOW I DID IT:
    My hardstyle kick is a little "shit" in comparision with the best hardstyle PROFESIONAL kicks producers but is not bad to start from .

    DOWNLOAD THE FLP FILE PROJECT http://www.mediafire.com/?jmyhwm4qhin

    (include 4 jpg pictures showing you the presets i have used and the plug in configuration) >

    P.D.: please, i would like to know if someone can improve this , sure that is possible ! can somebody showme how to make professional kicks like headhunterz or noisecontrollers? , kicks like this > http://www3.bigupload.com/file…CKABLEKICKS_DEMO.rar.html

    -thanks all very much ! greetings from Spain !

  • i think the problem is not the distortion but the waqveform you use for the kick

    try using a sawtooth with a squarewave sub underneath

  • EDIT: OOPS! You're after a totally different sound, sorry for the juvenile advice :P. I'll leave these posts up anyway in case its helpful to some newbie.

    Didn't download those files (I don't own a copy of Fruity Loops anyway) but the basic idea is just...

    1 osc, square waveform. 1 *bandpass* filter, cutoff set to minimum, resonance to maximum, envelope amount to about half.

    Set attack on both filter envelope and amp envelope to 0, sustain on both to 0, and release on both to 0. Set Decay on filter to about 1/3rd and decay on the amp to about half.

    Max out the digital distortion on this sound, crank up the sub osc.

    Set to Mono1, PUNCH Intensity = 127, and oscillators to PhaseInit = 1.

    Should be decent...

  • I personally use Microtonic along with the plugins you mention (Ohmni/Camelphat), I also use Rocket Compressor alongside those, and I'm getting roughly the same results as you, albeit without the terrible sync (thanks Windows 7 64-bit).

    Once the sync issue is sorted I'll fiddle around with the Virus more, I feel that it would be much more of a powerful kick with the Virus compared to Microtonic.

  • get a 909 kick from the ram/rom bank, take waveform 10, edit it a bit and give it some decay...
    eq the 500hz for punch, and put some distortion on it.
    hardstyle kicks are mostly done by a 909 kick-drum, but can be made by the virus as well..
    How? As long as you use the virus for the sound(s), and the use of 'external' effects to make it the way you want. (like most sounds from the virus)
    But you did it correct as far as i can see (camelphat as insert effect)

    I see you are using FL Studio, and that's not a problem but the Distortion of Logic (mac) is very usable to make any Hardstyle kicks with.
    DJ Zany explains it in his Tutorial of 'making a hardstyle kick'.

    Producing Hardstyle is a lot of practice and knowledge of Synthese.........


  • if you want to make hardstyle kicks get drumazon its wat most producers are using lots of distortion eq dist eq dist ull need to auto filter the tail or cut and cross fade it at some point and then keep dist and eq till u happy with it

    cut ur kick into 3 pieces tok (attack) decay(the little dip before tail) sustain(tail) eq u might wanna layer these parts with a nice low freq sub bass :) and melt them together very long hard process but keep at it ull get there!

  • They use 909 samples :
    hhz tutorial :


    audiofreq tutorial :

    frontlliner :

    after that you have all knowledge to make hardstyle kick hardcore kick and big room like martin garlic :P

    and i made fast kick with my own technique also used 909 kick but some other way of ditrotion ..


    the first kick and mellody is kick without rendering and next is rendered kick into wav and again imported to project. its important becouse when you re pitchnig kick pre ditorted you have on "out" some other kick that you mainly wanted to have

    is someone have roland 909 cloud he render seome longer kicks :D ?

    another one
    lead mad on virus and kick 909 :

  • Interesting thread. Listened, watched, and did a couple HS Kicks.

    Maybe with a touch of industrial flavor.

    That was fun!


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