Working only with MIDI and my virus hangs

  • Because access is fond of blaming software seqencers, I decided to use just my MPC for sequencing. Was going OK at first, half an hour later, I'm compltely frozen on the "WELCOME" screen.

    All I was doing is sending it a VERY repetitive seqence, like 4notes/2bars and it started hanging a notes here and there, I edit and restart the sequence. It completely locks up so the "panic" button doesn't work, no knobs/the keyboard works, completely locked solid, I had to pull the plug. Now it's stuck on the "WELCOME" screen.

    My USB plug isn't even IN the computer right now.

    It also sent hanging notes to my proteus that was at the other end of the polarTI's midi-thru port.

    And I'm ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE it isn't my MPC, I've never had ANY problems like this with ANY of my other gear.

    It's behaving like there's some kind of midi-loop/feedback but the only way that would be happening is if the soft midi-thru isn't actually turning "off" when I put it in that position...

    I have to pull the plug again, because it's completely unresponsive on the "WELCOME" screen, no panic, no "EDIT" button out, nothing.

    Please help, ACCESS!