64 bit plugin for Logic

  • Hey Marc,

    Just being able to have a normal plugin window would be great, as it is now, if you click anywhere in logic, the TI window closes. It's not a show stopper or anything, but is is annoying as hell. I suppose Logic could do something about this as well, as it seems to be a by-product of using the 32bit bridge

  • i don't know why logic displays the plug-in in a non floating window for bridged plug-ins and you are right, it is not ideal. we have plans to create a 64 bit native plug-in but to make it works with logic, much more work than a pure 64 bit compatibility port needs to be done. the amount of work is rather in the range of month than days and the unfortunate bit is that, that inconvenience aside, the users gets absolutely nothing as in new features or improvements (the floating plug-in window aside).
    right now, i think our solution is okay. the plug-in and drivers work mostly fine in a 64 bit mac environment.

    best, marc