should i keep my virus on standby or unplug it?

  • i play with my virus at least every day!!!! ......should i keep it in stand by all the time or just unplug it? ... i wish there was a off switch? i hate how i have to pull the cable

    my question is will the virus have a longer life if i keep it stand by or keep it off when im not using it? thanks?

    iv never really left it on long enough for it to heat up or anything? so it seems fine to just leave it on standby?

  • It doesn't matter that much.

    However, electronic ages, the more when it is on and the more it heats up. The latter is a non issue with any Virus.

    Maybe in your case switch the machine on in the morning and off in the evening. It makes no sense leaving it on for hours over night when you don't use it.

    Just my 2ct...

  • Hay mate ho you going.

    Just take this as an example, Tv's, Microwaves, DVD's and even your Mobile phone are always on Power stand by, if you haven't notice but some laptops and even your modem is on stand by power meaning there is a small amount of Voltage going through it all the time, there circuitry systems allow for this to accur.

    Now If you want you can turn al these things off and on again when in use, and it wont do Harm to your electrical goods,

    Now i know for my self i love my Virus Ti more than my Tv lol and i can understand your concern, but just remember if your not using your Ti during the Day because you have a 9 to 5 job, Its ok to turn off from the main switch, just unplug it and you will be fine.

    Hope this helps. :thumbsup:

  • This has been an ongoing debate, for all electronics, since the beginning of Robot Time.

    Negatives about keeping it on all the time:

    1. Any transients, power outages, spikes, thunderstorms, etc. on your line have the potential to stress the electronics and do damage. Even with a surge protector, there's always the chance with a big thunderstorm that your electronics will be zapped. A smaller chance, but still a chance. Ultimate solution: unplug during periods of power instability. :)
    2. Your circuits have the potential to "age" more rapidly, primarily due to heat. Not an issue with Virus.
    3. Your LCD dims over time with use; over a very long time, however, and probably in a way neither you nor your grandchildren will really notice. I still have my '97 Roland XP-80 and the yellow-green display still reads fine.
    4. For anything software-based, something in your software system/on your computer might scramble while you're not looking (Norton Anti-Virus might wipe your whole system due to a bad update, say..... just half-kidding! but there it is) some night, and you'll wake up the next day, go to your Virus and start complaining on forums about how the Virus Control software doesn't work.

    Negatives about turning it on and off:

    1. You introduce transients and stress to the electronic circuits every time you turn things on and off. Negligible, but there. Circuits are happier in a steady state, without power or thermal gradients. Most electronics have the highest probability of failing upon being turned on, due to the initial transients. Again, a very rare issue, increasingly, these days, especially for systems without moving parts (your computer, for instance, is at highest risk with its hard drive for this reason, since it's electro-mechanical, not just purely electronic).
    2. You have to wait until it's powered up after you've turned it on.
    3. You don't have all those glowing, flashy lights in the dark if you turn it off. :wacko:
    4. Any capacitors in your electronics will be happier if they get continuous power. This matters a lot more for older electronics than recently-acquired (this moves into "how to maintain vintage synths" territory).
    5. For anything software-based, you might have forgotten to save some configuration somewhere and lose all your work or enough of some part of it to completely mess you up in mysterious ways, and will have to start over again, and will show up on forums complaining about how Virus Control software doesn't work. :wacko: