Klaas Bass

  • o shit i think i figured it out

    its two melodies for bass
    #1- 2 detuned hyper saws use it like a lead
    #2- 2 square waves with some decay a normal kinda bass line boomy with a but punch - be creative
    #3 maby a 3rd melody in the viedo i posted another kinda lead sound i bet

    how to create i think u side chain the hypersaws to the bass line and $

    im go test my theoy

  • no luck i can kinda get the melodies down well a variation of them, but it seems like they layer a hyper saws with the bline. i dont under stand the modulation to it or the automation or what i dunno this is a hard one some one get us going in the right direction plz thanks

  • hey guys,
    to approach to this kind of bassline (shown separately from 0:58 to 1:13) you should get the basic midi-pattern first; here you have four bars with D#1, G1, F1 and G1 again;
    getting closer to the actual "klaas-infinity-bass" , you add major third and octave in the same rhythmic pattern;
    now you can get started tweaking the sound, here is an example:

    starting from scratch, use all three oscillators with squares, same pitch but different PW and increase OSC3 detune
    - dial in LFO1 on PW 1+2 at about 50% with a speed of 70
    - unison comes in handy as well, with detune and spread just around 9 o'clock
    - set the filter balance to Filter 1 and the Cutoff half way down, modulated by 70% Env-Amt with Filter Envelope Decay between 25 and 30
    - add two stages of distortion, a Rectifier at the Filter-Section and a "Bit Reducer" in the FX-Section, both at full throttle;
    - now take in the noise at around 90 to get that noisy attack; ( you can push it even further using Env>FM at 3 o'clock in Wave-mode )
    - a bit of pepper or other spices to adjust it to your taste;
    i hope this is helping you out;

    best regards, gravity

  • Quote

    "how does he pitch the sound up just plays the notes or automation? "

    what pitching do you mean, did you figure it out yet?


    osc1 is a hyper saw....
    thanks agian

    yup, hypersaw works nice as well! :thumbup: (but doesnt make that much of a difference, huh?)
    btw, that link "Roller Head (Klaas Remix)" is a great song, though i'm not much into electro/house; i didn't even know Klaas before i read this thread, but i like this one! i wonder why it's not listed on discogs.com :?:
    greetings, gravity

  • no i have not figured it out yet... what i mean is at the end of the bass line before the transition on infinity mix the bass line pitches.. is he just playing higer notes or automating the semitones or something?

    1 min and 58 seconds u will hear it....

    also 4 min to 4.15 u hear another pitch thing ----- how do they do this? automation? thats not the bass line i dont think? i hear this pitch stuff in every electro house song i hear ..... i believe my tracks will just suck until i can figure this out for transitions . thanks

  • hey guys,
    well, the two sections you refer to are actually very different:
    in the 1st sequence (1:58) it's just the bass playing plus one hi-hat; the modulation sounds like a pitch wheel since it's not accurately moving in semitones; i also hear something static which makes me assume it was resampled and modulated in a sampler;
    in the 2nd sequence (from 4:00) it is mostly the pad rising in pitch which must be from a sampler, the way it sounds; the bass is just following a bit and moving in cents;

    best regards, gravity