• From INIT - Set OSC/Saturation to 0 and crank up the NOISE section on the OSC page. Then just use the filter envelope. Turn Env amount up, set the LP filter to about 25 and crank up the filter attack to maybe about 90. Turn up the resonance a little bit. To get the "stepping" kind of effect, use your LFO 2 - just turn up fliter1 to about 26% and use a sawtooth wav at a rate of about 75.

    Hope that helps.

  • Zeno wow thanks again i cant express how much i appreciate how u take the time to help a noob such as my self, when ur such a well established artist. i am very appreciative that u take the time to point me in the right direction.

    i have been experimenting with some of the dub step wooble techniques u and chewie posted they really got me going in the right direction..well kinda i would love to know some of ur automation techniques .... when i automate my lfo rates (1/4, 1/8) and what not, its just total chaos and distortion( kinda cheezy sounding). Help me San Francisco needs some good dub :P.....

    o ya are u and chewie still makeing that sound set? i would mos def cop that ish..... $$$

    thanks again Zeno

  • hey slightly,
    well, you describe yourself as "noob" but honestly, that whoosh-sound is fairly easy to recreate and this charming guy is describing the process very accessible; so i am sure you could have done it on your own, don't you think?
    no offence, nothing against zeno's helpfulness nor your question/thread;
    my point is rather about encouraging you to trust your own abilities and to practice how to treat your "sexy infectious machine" to give you what you desire; this means a lot of trial and error and empirical learning and sure it costs a lot of time, blood, sweat and tears...
    the thing is the more you find out on your own, the less likely you will forget your progress, hence your sound-design will profit vastly and therefor your music;
    don't get me wrong, i'm happy to provide guidance if i can and i appreciate others' help myself;
    so keep posting, but you may give yourself a chance, first; ;)

    @zeno: your preview from "Object Pool VIP" is pretty cool, especially the way you use the tape doppler is very inspiring :thumbup:

    cheers, gravity