Access Virus Ti - Still problems with Logic 9

  • I'm running logic 9.1 with the latest public beta version of software for the ti.

    I have read all threads on here and have done everything i can.

    The access virus is still giving my massive grief. I cannot use it for longer than a few minutes without getting out of sync / crackling sounds.

    Is there any advice you can give me to get this problem fixed (that has not already been mentioned on previous posts....



  • Yeah it's working for me too......occasionally it gets out of sync (with the red warning), but a quick restart of the song get's it back in sync.......sounds like a hardware or preference issue with Logic.....maybe you could post your system to help figure out the problem...

  • This can be caused either by wrong buffer size settings in the Logic audio preferences panel (either too low or too high - I would try this on 256 samples for instance) or a wrong setting for the "process buffer range" in the same preferences window. This parameter definitely should be set to "small".
    If all this is already the case, then the amount of connected USB devices can be an issue. If there are way too many USB devices connected (and especially USB hard drives can use up large parts of available USB bandwidth), then this also can cause issues.

    For an exact diagnose, please get in touch with us at Access Support directly.

    Best wishes,
    Jörg Hüttner