using the muliti output virus in logic 9

  • hi i basically just got a ti polar , im having a few problems in understanding how to get it working properly , i have the os 4 and i am trying to get it set up correctly with logic .

    basically i dont know how to set up the multiple outputs and multiple midi channels and tbh im still confused as to how many outputs it has and why is there 16 track but from what i can see 9 outputs .

    i basically need to know ( if someone has the time ) how to set up the multi midi channels in logic 9 from scratch and how to route them all properly .

    can i add specific logic fx to each channel also because when i tried to do this in the demo song it created a effect on every track in the environment.

    also i am having trouble with triggering the first note from a loop sometimes ?

    i know this is probably easy for all the virus pros but if someone could help i would be much appreciated . steve .


  • To access 16 separate midi tracks that control one instrument in Logic, all you do is create the instrument track, put the Virus TI, on it, and then click Track > New Track with Next Midi Channel......that will create a midi track that will still feed into the previous instrument track......for some reason on my comp I still have to go and change the midi channel of the newly created midi track from the inspector........I can't help you with the output config cause I'm not on my Daw right now and I don't won't to miss inform you