get rid of having to add parameters to automation

  • I agree. I feel that all knobs and what not in the Virus Control VSTi be right clickable, that gives a drop down to use the MIDI Learn function found on most VSTi's
    Especially for Snow users. I was shocked to not see this available.... The current layout is too confusing, and overly complicated for what should be very simple for a modern VSTi!

  • we have this feature because some hosts cannot cope with the amount of parameters Virus Control contains. if we remove this feature, those hosts will crash. as you can see for yourself, there are hosts which see all the parameters right from the start. it is not in our interest to implement one things in two different ways.

    best, marc

  • Hey Marc,

    Just curious, which host's see all the parameters right away? I'm using Logic and it definitely doesn't :( Is there a way maybe at the least to have it so that once you set this up it gets it stands now, I have to go through this for every new session???

  • Could it be because I'm using Ti C. in 32bit mode with the 32bit bridge? I'm not at home so I can't say for sure, but I'm almost positive I only see 4 or 5 parameters in logic by default, if my memory serves me it's something like cutoff, vol, two parameters I can't think off and then assign 1........I will verify this for sure when I get home, but I'm almost 99.9% sure I don't see the whole list.......

  • "this is too common a feature for access to go a different way"

    You mean they like to over complicate things, maybe because that is considered ice chillingly (Uber Kool)?
    What can I say we both love our Snow, but this TI thing is not all its cracked up to be, from all the adverts one is led to believe that it will work just as any VSTi, and it does not.

  • well I just got home and I can confirm that there definitely appears to be a bug with using the Ti C. in 64bit mode in Logic.......I opened up a 32bit instance of Logic and loaded up Ti C. and as you said, I could see the complete list of automation parameters..........I then opened up a 64bit instance of Logic and loaded up Ti C. and have seen a different list every time I open the automation parameters list, at least that is what happened the first few times I opened it, now what it's showing as of now is a single I don't get sixteen parts to choose from, and on that single list it goes

    [1] Filter1 Cutoff
    [1]Filter 1 Res
    [1] Osc Volume + Sat
    [1] Softknob 1
    [1] Softknob 2
    [1] Softknob 3

    Then it repeats this list but puts a [2] in the brackets all the way to [16]..........After [16] I see something that say part 12 which opens a menu window that shows [4] Filter 1 Cutoff, then after the part 12 menu thingy I just see a bunch of words that say unmapped........

    So needless to say I think the glitch is with the 32bit bridge, or how it interacts with Ti C.

    Can anyone else confirm this??