Will there ever gonna be Softsynth version of Virus?

  • Well, there was `Powercore' for Protools, which was (I believe) a Virus Classic Soft synth plug in, released by Access.

    It wasnt for pro tools only, it was for powercore platform and pro tools HD, but it still was running on DSP chip.

    I am talking about softsynth which can be run on native CPU.

  • Will there ever gonna be Softsynth version
    of Virus..?

    Ummm Tc Electronics partnered up with Access to creat the Access Virus Powercore plugin, that is an emulation of the access Virus B i believe...

    It runs on the DSP chips that the Tc powercore PCI or PCIE cards have and i believe that's the closes thing your going to get.

    Other than that, Why would Access make a plug version, i mean there is only so much a soft synth can do and there is HEAPS a hardware can do.

    So it really depends on what you feel comfortable with, but like most Vst that can bee cracked and the maker makes no money,especially these days.

    That's why the Virus Ti is a work of Art, You need the hardware to trigger the VC or you can just use the Hardware but all in all the Virus TI is the most Powerful machine to date!.

    But it is also personal preference i suggest going to your local music dealer and try out the access virus ti if they have on on demo for ya, just see for your self and i am sure you will make your own mind up. And you will see why they wont make a soft synth version...

    Hope this helps

  • Im a Virus Ti Snow owner actually...

    Main reason is just curiosity.

    But aswel from my expierience, Virus Ti is just not powerful enough. If there would be a plugin the only limitation of the power would be your own CPU. Plus polyphony "loss" during record isnt really pleasing thing or random latency changes because of that.

    And please dont tell me to get virus Ti2, because that wouldnt really change much seeing how Snow isnt powerful.

    By the way dont need to tell me about powercore, i did my "homework" months and months ahead before buying access product :)

  • Cool cool, Yeah im a Ti2 user.

    I have not compared the two so i can't state which one is better but my mate has TI Snow and to me there just as good ad each other.

    Curiosity is cool i guess you wont know unless you ask :)

    With Vst's say for example Nexus it does use less CPU power and you can open many instances of it but its is also limited to what you can change its original sound, and in some cases you cant change much at all so your stuck with a sound bank or patch untill Nexus releases more banks. with the Virus Ti you can make your own sound from scratch and completely change it, then bounce it down to audio and say use it in a sampler like Kontact or any other wave sampler, with polyphony "loss" during record i have not seen that with my system but,
    I see your a windows 7 user, i have heard the Gui is a bit slow on that operating system but access is addressing that issue if there is one, i use PC Xp service pack 3 and the Virus Ti works like a dream, no drop outs, latency is perfect, but just give it time future updates will fix all issues.

    Any Information is good information so sorry if the Tc stuff i wrote down you knew already, but this is a forum so others can read and learn from all our experiences.

    Hope this helps ya man, if you have any more questions feel free to ask and ill try and help ya as much as i can :)

  • nexus cant be compared to virus, its not a synth, its a rompler :)

    maybe you dont get such "losses" because you dont use "complex" sounds. Tho even if i played 2 layers of lead sounds with each earching only 1 bar,i cant get proper chords, not all keys gets played, some gets lost :X

  • LOL sorry man i completely forgot Nexus is a Rompler lol, im just not with today ha ha ha had a few late nights in the studio.

    Umm Yeah i do use complex sounds and my tracks are quite fat but i guess im the exception for some reason lol..

    Any how i hope i have helped ya in one way or another, but you should Mesg Mark from Access, im quite sure he will be more informative.

    Have a good week mate

    Peace out

  • Machine, that must be frustrating. Have you looked into the usual recommendations, such as using Unison mode, Reverb, Analog Filter models and
    Oscillator 3 sparingly? In the manual (page 17) they mention that these will reduce the polyphony by around half, and if you stack these you will come up against the kind of limitations you've mentioned.

  • [quote='themachine',index.php?page=Thread&postID=7624#post7624]Im a Virus Ti Snow owner actually...

    Virus Ti is just not powerful enough. If there would be a plugin the only limitation of the power would be your own CPU. Plus polyphony "loss" during record isnt really pleasing thing or random latency changes because of that.

    This instrument is either not for your taste or you do not know how to program well enough,the virus can be damn powerful sound,and any sound is powerful,me coughing with a step filter on it becomes a essential element to the track(if thats what I am going for).It's all about the music you make and how you want it to sound,me,I love the virus because whatever is in my mind I can recreate it on the virus.

    HEY YOU!~Smoke a bowl of nice smellin green for the people that cannot!~

  • Thebass, your status says everything you really are the begginer :D just a joke :)

    Trust me im not a newbie and i know how to program sounds and virus does provide POWERFUL SOUNDS, but the hardware is not powerful enough to deal with the powerful sounds playing at the same time is that clear? :)

    I bet non of you are layering 2-4 layers of hypersaw or saw sounds with unison and chorus to make one sounding lead ;)

    Machine, that must be frustrating. Have you looked into the usual recommendations, such as using Unison mode, Reverb, Analog Filter models and
    Oscillator 3 sparingly? In the manual (page 17) they mention that these will reduce the polyphony by around half, and if you stack these you will come up against the kind of limitations you've mentioned.

    Yes i do know about these things, the thing is im not going to reduce these at the cost of the sound "character". But i dont use delay and reverb of virus as i add additional FX on insert. The reason why i bought ti to use for the main sounds in the track and i need them big, virus ti can provide that, but its not powerful enough, and to make a final sound takes alot of time :D

  • I often run into polyphony limit problems too, mostly with pads that have a longer tail, at one point the virus steals voices so that you can really hear notes stopping abruput, that's pretty annoying. And these patches aren't neccessarily very complex, but mostly using 3 x Unison and Split Mode Filter, and that seems to be too much, but unfortunately often that's what makes these patches sound so wide and powerful ;(

    I'm always trying to reduce unsison and use the Hypersaw where possible since it says that it will only use a 1 voice no matter how many paralell oscillators are used, but that's not always an option, it sounds too different.

    I whish there would be a voice count display so that we could actually see how many voices are currently used, that would make optimizing patches sooo much easier... but i'm getting a little offtopic.

  • More to the point ... if there was a softsynth version, wouldn't think devalue the brand of Access?

    It would be pirated within moments and everyone would have it.

    As a corporate strategy, I think it would be suicidal and completely undermine the desirability of the kit.


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  • due to modern algorithm in software programming vs hardware programming ,they will able to do something different...
    these days softsynths have sound so similar to hardsynths
    but they should be use in different situation ... usually work with hardsynths are easier in live gear ...

    but always hardware synths will be hardware synths
    and software synths will be software synths...

    there is no comparison .both of them are useful for music creation...
    even method of sound designing between companies are different for example moog is so analog and waldorf and dave smith have different element ,nord lead 2x more analog than nordwave to my ear...

    access music has emulated ,hard to soft and they have sound with access design and characters..

    sometimes when i hear to some music i can't recognize and ask my self is it hard or soft .
    so ,some of them created by soft and to my ear sound like hard..

    conclusion ,we are living in digital sound ,and all of them bring us an inspiration to our music....

    so peace and happiness to all of you.... :)

  • I know I'm late on this, but I agree that for Access to make a VST would make the Virus,... less then.

    Even the Pro Tools, and Power Core Indigo, are really just software being powered by a CPU (DSP chip) off the card in Pro Tools, or rack or card in the case of TC.

    What I think most people don't consider is that all digital hardware synths, are in fact software in a hardened (ROM DSP) format. For example, I own a Korg Triton EXT 88, Korg designed all it's abilities/functions/algorithms on a computer, where it first breathed life as full fledged software, in the case of the Legacy Collection Wavestation and M1, Korg had "probably" very little trouble turning those into VSTi's because they were first realized as software, so adhering to the Steinberg VST format, adding some nice GUI's and tweaking some coding here and there,.... there you have it. All digital hardware synths have to start on a computer as software, as that is the nature of digital.

    Some newer digital "hardware" synths have not just their OS in flash ROM but all there main guts (algorithms) . One very obvious example is the Virus TI, and I think all or most of the Virus line. I "think" the Korg M3 is this way too for all the incredible updates it received (though I hate 'with a passion' the sound of it, oh and the look too), also the OASYS was a hardware synth of this nature. Whether the guts of all digital hardware synths be on permanently burnt ROM chips, Flash Rom, HDD, or a combination of these, they all are or originated from software, even permanently burned ROM still has binary software code, it is simply frozen/unalterable.

    So in me telling this, it is clear (to me anyway) the lines between "soft Synths" and "digital hardware Synths" is truly blurred, both have advantages and disadvantages, and though I agree with Access not making a VSTi of the Virus, it is still easy enough to see digital synths as over sized dongles, and that is Ok with me. Besides some of these digital hardware synths are truly best suited to not live in our music computers, as they would eat up far too much native CPU. Sorry if I got way off topic, I guess I did go on a bit of a diatribe.

    Cheers to all!


  • Ramunas, I don't think there will be a Virus plugin anytime soon. It probably would be quite power-hungry to run on x86 instead of DSPs.
    Anyway I'm interested in hearing those patches that give a hard time to your Snow. Wether standalone or in a oncoming song ^^

  • Viral Outbreak is really nice, but more of one persons take on the Virus TI, it certainly does not have a synth engine anywhere as nice as the TI, and it is actually a special version of Wusikstation, which in it's own right is a great Vector Synth! Also Viral Outbreak can do Step Sequencing, that would be great if TI could do that. Just the same pairing Viral Outbreak with the Virus TI is a wonderful combination! And an inexpensive way to get TI "like sounds" to bolster thee already amazing TI.