Looking for sound designers that want to get paid!!!

  • I have a virus ti2 and I am looking for people who can make me custom exclusive patches & patch banks. I am looking to pay as well if you make grade a sounds. I am a produced that has produced and does produce for many major artists. If you would like to checkout SuperStarO.com to hear some of my beats to get a feel of the sounds I use. I need crazy lead synths..crazy pop club sounds and heavy synths..just everything. Contact me at the email below if you are serious.


    Team Hitz
    Grind or Die Music ASCAP

  • Hi, I am not a sound designer but I am really impressed about Your music - especially track 'Addicted to the Hus' - wow! I am listening this track all the time !! Somethink awesome !!! Can not stop to listening !!! '. Are You using VIRUS TI in all synthesis parts of the track ? What of software are You using ? (ps. sorry for my english, just started to learn...)