volume pedal situation

  • I'm using a polar TI with a yamaha FC7 (volume pedal). I like playing patches with long delays and I like swelling in and out of the patch with the volume pedal. The problem is when I cut the volume with the pedal it also cuts the volume of the delay feedback. For some reason my motif does it without a problem and so does the nord wave. I've tried changing the control pedal to controller #91 which is patch volume. That didn't work either.

    Any suggestions?

  • They changed the behaviour of 'patch volume' some time ago. It acts like an amp right at the end of the chain, it used to be a per note parameter you could keytrack with and everything.

    You might have more luck assigning it to the osc volume control - I use a TI desktop so I have to turn off midi volume (in config menu) before I can get the expression pedal to be useful (just remember to turn it back on when you want to use it in virus control and you want to change the volume of different channels).