Why so much hassle downloading an OS??

  • Sorry for the Rant,but how frustrating is this site???

    First off I cannot download the Latest OS for my TI Keyboard hassle free because I need XP SP2 or higher,which I do not have....I'm not going through the shenanignan of upgrading MY pc OS having to back everything up on the PC just for an update to my TI? :thumbdown:

    ,now I need to log in and register TO DOWNLOAD,couldn't do this because my browser was out of date,upgraded to IE8 and now I can register,but need to enter my serial number,which after 2 years of owning,has been smudged by the numerous times i have moved the TI keyboard off the stand,I have the serial number logged down on paper but the Access site registration details needs case sensitive perfection,which because my TI serial number has been smudged I do not know which are capital text...FFS

    Now I have registered,but because I cannot enter my Serial number because of the case sensitivity correctly due to my number being smudged which renders me a spectator and not able to download the Free upgrades,is there anyway of retreiving the Serial number (Correctly cased) on the screen???

    Now I cannot download the latest OS becauseof Access pedantic methods of user databases.....

    Why all this crap for an OS upgrade, :cursing:;(;(

  • "devotion" -
    this site is fine with IE7 or higher. XP SP2 was released in august 2004. IE7 became available in october 2006. i think it is fair to say that we are not relying anything fancy here. and we don't make up those requirement to make your life harder, we just point them out because the software (both on this website as well as with the TI operating system installer) won't work well without.

    as for the serial number, there is another sticker on the carton and you can read it out by booting the Virus TI while holding the TAB+CONFIG button. i believe a registration process which includes a serial number is a virtual standard when it comes to software downloads today. we've decided to include the serial number so we can create a closed forum exclusively for Virus TI users. also we believe that it is not asked to much to at least know, who benefits from free software we put out on a regular basis. if you don't agree with that all, nobody is forcing you to upgrade the TI operating system. in fact, the really old version probably don't even require SP2, if my memory serves me right.

    the new access website is online since a couple of days. give us some time, i'm sure that we can improve the user experience, for instance by placing a hint on the registration page how to display the serial number of a unit.

    best, marc