Logic Automation glitches with Virus TI (OS4) HELP

  • Hi all

    I'm currently using the Virus Ti (OS4) via usb with my Mac Pro running Logic 9.2 with an Apogee Duet as my audio interface.
    When I play with the knobs on the Virus Ti hardware while just playing back the track, it reacts as it should. However as soon as I activate the 'touch' function on the track I wish to record the automation the problem starts. When I turn a knob - for example the Filter Cutoff 1 - automation events get written that are not what I'm doing!
    So I open the filter up and in Logic it is like someone is touching the same knob but doing something else resulting in an unworkable situation.

    Does anyone else have this problem or know how to fix this? Is it a knows problem in OS4?

    HELP - as long as this is not fixed we can't continue working on our album:(((((( ;(

  • If you are using the 64 bit instance of Logic then their are apparently "known" issues with the automation features......Marc could best comment on that, but I know that when I presented a different glitch regarding the automation parameters in Ti C. he said they were aware of it......from what I've heard, Access is going to release a 64bit version of Ti C. sometime down the road that should hopefully address these issues.....

  • Hi Marc

    I'm working in Logic 9.1 - was a mistake typing too fast LOL
    And it is 32 bits I'm working in.

    The system is a Mac Pro Quad 2.66Ghz, 8Gb Ram, 3x1TB 7200RPM HD, UAD Quad Card. Apogee Duet FW interface.

    The Virus Ti is connected via USB straight to the Mac Pro, not to an USB hub or the Apple screen.

    Weird thing is that when in playback there is no problem at all, only when the track is in 'touch' mode.


  • When for example I turn the filter cutoff to open up (value going up in the automation) - there are loads of data coming out of knowhere doing the opposite. So there will be lots of random movements that were not intended and not made by my movement of the knob. It 'feels' like there is resistance to whatever I do with the automation.
    The automation instead of looking like a nice straight line now looks like a jigsaw!

  • I'm almost positive this is because of the "ramp" nature of touch mode.........the way touch mode works, you write the automation first, then you can go back and make tweeks, the thing is, with a device like the virus, Logic doesn't know if your finger is still holding the knob in the desired position on the second take of your automation recording, so it lets you make adjustments, but after a period of time determined by the "ramp" parameter, which happens to be a setting under preferences, logic goes back to the original written automation data.

    What you need to do is use write mode for your first take, and then you touch mode to make any little tweeks........I bet what your doing is starting out in touch mode, so logic is bouncing back and forth from the default zero setting in the automation to wherever you are moving the knob........

    If you want to rewrite a long passage of automation data, use write mode instead of touch............ FYI this problem exists because the Virus does not have touch sensitive knobs like a expensive control surface.....hope this helps....