Make Studio One full supported Host

  • I have experienced issues as well with connection not being made between VC and the Ti hardware. Exact same screenshots posted in the original post. I had issues with no sound output as well as it screwing around with the timings of the other tracks present in the project.

    Care to share how/what you are doing to get it to work very, very well??

  • I dont know how true this is but I believe the version thats out now is the artist version....People are saying that when the Pro version comes out things should be alot better..

  • Hi, i dont know why, but in my system works very well.

    Im using an iMac core2duo with Snow Leopard. Build-in audio.

    Demo version of Studio One installed.

    I have a Virus Ti Keyboard version 1 and OS 3.1.

    I tried only the VST 2.4 and VST 3 version of the plugin, i can use the multiple outs, all synced, arpeggios etc.. No problems with latency or the rest of the tracks..

    If i can help?

  • Yes! Finally it opens with the latest Beta Drivers

    Still getting a short "no connection" message at the start but then VC loads up pretty quick

    I think S1 could be able to do sidechain as well, because you can allready set VC to 3 USB Outs 1 USB ins, but the USB In does not appear yet

    Once again please focus on S1 as a supported host, it really has big potential!