Hello there, I is a newbie

  • Hey all

    My name's Liam, he who is Liam like. I'm a 26 year old male that resides in the midlands of the UK. I bought an Access Virus B from a mate of a mate not long ago for the love of wanting the get richer sounds for my productions. As much as I like what he's done with the synth, as he's changed some of the sounds as he told me I'd like to learn how to gain more control over how my virus sounds. How does one go about loading new patches into it, also where's best to look up sounds, and is there any way of backing up what I already have on it just to avoid losing something I like forever?

    Although I like to think there's little limits to my taste in music I'm really getting into psytrance lately and would like sounds more geared towards that, I'm also considering using the virus to try create kicks as I heard it's very good for that!

    I do apologise if there's already plenty of information about this on these forums and site already, I assure you I have attempted to search already but have failed to find anything without overly frustrating my serious lack of patience! lol

    I thank you for any help and/or advise you can give me :)