New Virus Installer OS causing crash in Win XP Cubase SX3

  • I can no longer use my Virus Snow. Anybody else having problems with the new installer? I have written to support, but have gotten no reply. The beta OS 3.0.5 was also causing problems in opening Win XP. Is there a stable OS anywhere? I don't see any previous versions on the Access site. Anyone have more information on this issue?

  • Once installed, Projects will not open, or if they do, they crash immediately. Cubase wants to open until it starts to load Virus, at which point it chokes and dies. Windows XP SP3 has problems opening and closing. I have reinstalled OS v27300 which is STABLE and does not crash. With the older OS Installer, Win XP has NO problems. The problem seems to be with the new drivers.They also knocked out my USB keyboard which had to be reinstalled, and made my USB card stop functioning.

    As I said ALL problems were solved by reinstalling the older OS.

  • This is definitely not a general issue for OS 3.1. We even tested this with Cubase SX 3.1 and it worked fine so far - besides that there aren't further reports so far.

    I therefore recommend to remove the entire TI OS suite from your computer, but disconnect your Virus beforehand and then shut down the computer. Wait several seconds, then restart the computer. Next put the TI Snow into USB UPDATE MODE (hold down the EXIT button while putting the power back into the unit) and download OS 3.1 again from our website.
    Install OS 3.1 from scratch on your system and make sure the update also gets loaded fine into the TI Snow. Whenever this is done and the computer restarted again, try this again from scratch.

    On a separate note it might help to make sure no background application is running when installing a TI OS, so make sure all anti-virus scanners, etc. are temporarily switched off in the task manager when installing the TI OS.

    Best wishes,
    Joerg Huettner